Interview With:”Jade” Part 1

[S.W Note- “Jade” is someone who I met in a forum  and from there on we (I mean her of course) agreed to set up a interview and over a few weeks been talking here and there small amounts but i felt I met someone who had similar experiences and personality.Personally I feel she’s very straight and blunt and holds nothing back which I find as a great thing to have. She goes by the name of Jade which is not her actual name so without further ado read on.]


S.W- Can you tell the readers about yourself?

Jade- My name is Jade. I’m 18 and still in high school. I’m clairaudient. I have vivid visions and dreams sometimes Continue reading

Interview With: “Dark” Part 1

[S.W Note– “Dark” is someone i happen to meet and it been a pleasure getting to know someone who has different perspective than I and hopefully the readers of this blog enjoy as well. There will be two parts to this interview.Dark is not his actual name its the name he goes by without further ado read on.]


S.W– Can you give a introduction  and tell the readers about yourself?

Dark -My name is Dark not really but that is what i go by in the online spiritual community. I have been practicing Psionics and the occult  practices for a mere 4 years now. I would say without a doubt, that these years taught me that which i can never forget.

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