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Benjamin Fulford 11-21-16… “Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control, Austria, Italy, South Korea next”

  [S.W-Change is coming in many ways more to come and this change is planetary one] “The liberation of the planet earth from Khazarian gangster control is now snowballing. The UK liberated itself with the Brexit vote while the Americans freed themselves by electing Donald Trump as President… followed immediately by anti-Khazarian regime change in…

Trump calling out the MSM? (well, yes, apparently, “Big Time”)… (a 11-21-16 Politico, a DailyMail, and a NY Post)

I’ve been seeing as well as sensing that “TRUMP” is kinda bringing in change in many ways. There has been many changes happening around the world such as people revolting against the government. There will be more to come.   Trump asks for media ‘reset,’ but lashes out at execs (Hadas Gold, Politico) changedailymailelectionfake newsinsightnewspoliticotrumptruth

Advance Ancient Civilization on Earth

One of the Most Advanced Ancient Civilizations on Earth The Olmecs [VIDEO] Posted by Madeline | Nov 21, 2016 | 2016, Ancient World, Archaeology, History, Archaeology, Daily Blog, Video | 0 |   Advanceancientawarenessearthinsightolmecsracespiritualtruthunderground

12,000 Years old Tunnels

12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels are Real and Stretch from Scotland to Turkey Is it possible that ancient cultures were interconnected thousands of years ago? According to thousands of underground tunnels that stretch from North Scotland towards the Mediterranean the answer is a big yes. While the reason behind these sophisticated tunnels remains a…

How to Switch on Energetic Sight

Hidden Ablities Many of the Liberation forces personnel on the ground have chosen to voluntarily switch off their etheric sight. They decided that seeing the higher dimensional component of the matrix head-on would be too stressful alongside dealing with health, job, emotional and financial issues. Energetic sight is a natural human ability, and not a special…