I’m Back

Two years almost three since my last post…wow time flies. On the reasons why? We all go through hardships in life and that time my life was changing. These years have been tough for especially last year.I went through depression, anxiety, personal relationships that were not all positive and great for me. I regret not continuing blogging. On the bright side through all my struggles and challenges I grew. I found new things to love and inspiration to continue my mission. The mission is to help others and spread the word. I got so many new ideas for content.


For example:

  • Cooking (Yes I Cook!)
  • Traveling
  • Spiritual Concepts and Ideas
  • How To (Tarot, Certain spiritual concepts and many more)
  • And Many More


I am determine to make this a dream. The dream of not having to have a 9-5 job to do something i really love and others will too. Stay tuned for more.