Interview With:”Jade” Part 1

[S.W Note- “Jade” is someone who I met in a forum  and from there on we (I mean her of course) agreed to set up a interview and over a few weeks been talking here and there small amounts but i felt I met someone who had similar experiences and personality.Personally I feel she’s very straight and blunt and holds nothing back which I find as a great thing to have. She goes by the name of Jade which is not her actual name so without further ado read on.]


S.W- Can you tell the readers about yourself?

Jade- My name is Jade. I’m 18 and still in high school. I’m clairaudient. I have vivid visions and dreams sometimes

S.W- I can relate because i am a clairaudient too as well as empathetic.When did you your journey of finding who you are first start?

Jade- It first started in 2013 or 2014. I was looking up how to do telekinesis at first. And I eventually ended up on psiwarriors. I don’t remember how i exactly i ended up there but yea. It’s obviously dead as shit now but that was the first site I grew attached to and was kinda hard to detach from.

S.W-I believe sometimes we are meant to learn things one form or another.For me it all started from being curious of things or maybe from watching shows on tv of people having powers. Can you recall your first  “out of this world” experience?

Jade-I have a couple out of this world experiences so I’ll name both. The first one was when I had a vision? I don’t know, it pretty vivid and cinematic. It was a dream of the past. Like ancient Egypt ancient aliens an technology and shit. The other one was when I projected out of my body. My body kept wanting to leave my body involuntarily each night so one day I was like “fuck it”. So I did it. Saw through my third eye and what not. But as soon as I popped out of my body, I saw this dark being at the foot of my bed. Dark creature. It smiled at me. Looked like it had evil intentions. No defined eyes or mouth. Just these static-like imprints on its face. I don’t know to describe it exactly.

S.W- Ive had some experience pertaining to demons though they didn’t do harm to me but it gave me upmost feeling of something wrong.Ive had dreams where i am different location Ive never seen to this day they are a mystery. How did you face it and handle it?

Jade-For the vision, I thought I was going crazy or something. I think it was because I didn’t know that it was a vision. I told one of my friends about it and he could relate. As for the astral projection, I went right back into my body. I didn’t deal with this creature since i had the fear it would possess my body or something.

S.W-After having the dreams Ive had pertaining to the demons ones i just wake up and fix my emotion or action i did before having the dreams.  In metaphysical terms what are your abilities?

Jade-I have clairaudience, visions and dreams. I can heal also.

S.W- Very interesting i would love to talk about your visions and healing in more depth next time.Can you explain what a clairaudient is? What are the usual things that happens to you?

Jade- Clairaudience is a blessing and a curse. Spirits whispering your name. Spirits telling you what to do lol. Spirits calling you the most negative things constantly. I try to block it out but it just gets worse. it has made me very depressed and stressed out.

S.W- I may not have reached your level in clairaudient but i know high pitch sounds and sounds people make bother me to the extent i cant sleep at night if the sound doesn’t have a good frequency to it also hear my name being said next to me but when i look no one is there. How do you feel about being a clairaudient in today’s society?

Jade- Being a clairaudient in society is torture. Especially going to a huge high school. 2500 kids in one school. With the constant chatter, there is always this chattering in my that accompanies. It drains me.

S.W-I agree it can torture Ive had lot issues going to high school ive started noticing things about myself that didn’t feel normal but still went through a difficult stage. Ive seen a couple of postings in the forums about dream interpretation, Why is knowing your dreams important?

Jade- I have a lot of dreams that I remember. These dreams started the summer of 2015. At first, they were vivid and pretty interesting. A spirit even connected to me. I saw through the perspective of different people once in awhile with these dreams. Then February of this year, I was under the control of a demon and these other evil spirits. Along with these parasites. I was very stressed out at that part of the school year. Very traumatizing. Nightmares. It made me hold myself back. Even after a friend got rid of the demon, the other spirits stayed. But with the ring leader gone, I regained some control of my dreams mainly. Though i do not give enough myself for being doing so. And I am still stressed and kinda depressed. Dreams are messages from the subconscious and from spirits. They display a story that I need to interpret. I that saying dreams are meaningless is somewhat self destructive. It’s like ignoring your feelings in a way.

S.W- I understand you completely and agree with that dream are important they give alot of information though they may be encrypted, solving them is the hard but easy part.I met you on the Psionics Nation website, What do you love, like and dislike about the community

Jade- I don’t go on there too often. In fact, I even forget it exists sometimes lol. Why? Quite a lot of drama and “politics”. I was more apart of the drama. People being full of shit, people being overly skeptical. It’s fine to disagree, but don’t be a douche about it. Or even stop taking a debate the wrong way. But yea, I pop in once in awhile and say “hi”. And post my dreams when I’m bewildered.

S.W- How do people normally react when you tell them about your abilities? How do you react?

Jade- I don’t reveal my batshit crazy visions or dreams to too many people. Only to really close friends because “regular people” would think I was crazy.

S.W- Yeah i go through that stage where i want to ask and tell them but i sensed when their not ready or are ready  and go from there. It is weird knowing when someone is not ready or will be uncomfortable knowing could be because of my empathetic or intuitive ability What does the Psion Nation Website mean to you?

Jade- Psion Nation is a reminder that it is just another society. It has it’s rules and dreams and aspirations. In the end, it all turn into something out of people’s best interest. Politics and drama.

S.W- Is there anything you would like to share with the readers?

Jade- This message is for those who are awakening or want to. I mean letting go of the old to gain the new. It is not all glittery and magical. It is torture but there is no going back. Your mind/spirit will undercover old demons and old unwanted feelings. A lot of it. You will realize that you are your greatest enemy. You subconscious takes on all this shit from you environment and picks out the worst of for you to live by. Social conditioning.

S.W- Yes I 100% agree with you, people need to awakened from their own reality and become aware of their true self and what is happening all around there own environment as well as the world. Thank you for the chance to interview you and know your perspective and walk of life.

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