Interview With: “Dark” Part 1

[S.W Note– “Dark” is someone i happen to meet and it been a pleasure getting to know someone who has different perspective than I and hopefully the readers of this blog enjoy as well. There will be two parts to this interview.Dark is not his actual name its the name he goes by without further ado read on.]


S.W– Can you give a introduction  and tell the readers about yourself?

Dark -My name is Dark not really but that is what i go by in the online spiritual community. I have been practicing Psionics and the occult  practices for a mere 4 years now. I would say without a doubt, that these years taught me that which i can never forget.

S.W-I have also have  been practice at a younger age though i did stop at one moment and focus on the “normal priorities of life”. When did your journey start to get to this point in your journey in your life?

Dark– My practices started in 2012 when i had  what i thought were a string of realistic nightmares that came to me day after day for a total of two weeks. i could describe these nightmares but that would be irrelevant to the question. After these nightmares stopped i had a sudden urge to pursue the psychic protection techniques and from these sprouted the topic of Psionics that i have found online.

S.W – I feel like me get ideas or messages or warnings through different ways which get so different pathways in life.You have quite a substantial amount of books in your collection and how did you come across (Dark has a amount of books raging from General magick to alchemy these books have a lot of useful information in them).

Dark– The books? Ha, anyone could have found them with a little determination and research. I am not an elite hacker with access to the books that are kept secret on the deep web, but I do intend to find these as well in the near future

S.W – I do intend to read through most of those books you provided. I find them very interesting and eye opener for sure.Out of the top of your head can you list of your favorite books and give a slight summary of them?

Dark – Due to certain time constraints I have not read many of my books in their entirety but those I did finish, namely: magic curriculum, the psion handbook, and oven-ready chaos. the magic curriculum is like a starters guide to meditation and chaos magick, the psion’s handbook is just like magic curriculum but for psionics obviously, and oven-chaos goes a little more in depth into what chaos magic is and how one should utilize it properly.

S.W – Finding the right time and schedule is sometimes a difficult thing when we have family and other responsibility. What is a “Psion” in your own words?

Dark– A psion I think is someone who uses the phrase “knowledge is power” to the full extent of its meaning. By gaining more and more knowledge in any field, the psion will grow in power and use that knowledge in their psychic/magick workings.

S.W – For me personally i believe just like other the more you know the stronger you are. Imagine learning how to properly and masterfully y defend yourself in martial arts you will become someone is stronger than the average person.If we work on our gifts and talents we would be farther in life than we are now.  Do you have any innate gifts or abilities from birth?

Dark– I didn’t have any born gifts but I realized later that a feeling I had was due to my senses being hyperactive.

S.W– I have been gifted in being Clairaudient and empathetic which all have their weaknesses and strengths. Being part of the psion community we always find new things to learn. What is one thing your looking for to learning?

Dark– I am looking to learn about all things. Like a “jack of all trades” is what I am going for in the magickal system.

S.W– There is a saying or theory that “The Veil” is what keeping us from experiencing all the magical things of this world have you heard about this?

Dark– Yes I have heard about the veil, not that it stops us from having magickal experiences, but that it “buffers” out all the serious stuff that might prove to be catastrophic.

S.W– I definitely agree with you on that.What is one ting if any that held you back before or presently from reaching a potential you wanted or want?

Dark– One thing that held me back for some time (and sometimes comes back to me) is that I kept making the excuse that I didn’t have enough time during the day to train properly and that if I didn’t follow a specific guideline I would fail. Spirituality may be like a sport, but it is one that you can do ALL THE TIME. No matter of place or time there is always some type of training one can do to flex their spiritual muscles.

S.W– I feel we all have been there especially myself.There is a saying that says “When there a will, there’s a way”so we shouldn’t let things come  in between our training. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

Dark– One piece of advice that I would give to the readers: The new techniques that you try out will almost NEVER work on your first try, this is where most people end their spiritual training and give up on this subject stating that it is “not real because I didn’t do it for myself” Spirituality is like learning a new sport, you aren’t ever going to be 100% perfect on your first try, but there are some that will have a knack for a particular skill than others. Just be patient, stay resilient and everything will turn out fine.

S.W– I couldn’t agree with you more. If were ever to perfect a skill we have patient, persistent and have faith that tings will work out. Thank you for allowing me to interview you and hopefully we can do a part 2. I’m very honored.










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