Where Do Souls Come From:
“Each spirit therefore has a home planet where their soul formed and progressed. Today there are souls incarnate from many different planetary spheres all living together incarnate as human. All are here experiencing and learning differing lessons on their varying stages of spiritual progression. Some have progressed past this third-density existence, but return here for accelerated learning and discovery in this hectic Earthly illusion.”

This website gives general overview of souls and how they come to being.
For those people who wish to learn  detailed  knowledge  about
their star family ancestry, origins & heritage, please write to Adona at her new website
What Services does Star ancestry Offer
*  Name of Constellation location [as viewed from Earth]
*  Name of Home Star System
*  Name of Home Planet
*  Name of your Home Planet’s race of People
*  Current Individual, Dimensional Vibratory Rate  [4D, 5D, 6D, etc.]
*  You complete name
*  Your physical description/appearance  [height, skin, hair & eye color]
*  Your Gender
*   Appoximate date [in years] as to when your spirit essence first
    began incarnating on Planet Earth.
*  All of the details you see included in “Basic”.    Plus –
*  Your current official status, if any.  And where the majority of your overall spirit essence, you soul, is located.
* Detailed description of your home planet & its current vibratory rate [name of your planet’s moons & continents; inclusive of the continent where you were originally from.]
*  List of off planet family members and where they are located – inclusive of each member’s current dimension, star system, planet and/or ship/biosphere designation.
[S.W Note- Fees seem reasonable since you will be gaining knowledge of yourself that you might not find on anywhere else in this world and if you did find elsewhere you will have a hard time looking for it]




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