Useful Immortality

Aging is undeniable… right……–with-a-side-order-of-potential-enhancement-&p=1091838&viewfull=1#post1091838

“Thanks for typing that up, Mike. Actually, I never knew you were ill. Good to hear you are better. I hope you add Lugols or Detoxadine to your regimen. I don’t sell either of them. Povidone, then Detoxadine, saved me from near death with mitral valve prolapse two years ago. I bought nearly every supplement out there too, mainly for chronic fatigue in my early twenties. Like you, I found most of of them didn’t work. I just take Iodine, B-Vits, and some MSM nowadays. I also fast and eat high boron foods. That’s all I do. I’m healthier than I ever was, and it costs close to zero.”


First Study Done

Telomerase Study

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